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Stable navigation in shallow water low draft

Lehman Barefoot Boats - Are shallow water flats boats, stable navigation on knee-deep, protected waters that other boats simply can't get into. While not a hull for deep, open water, it's the ideal boat for fishing the shallow flats and other skinny backwaters common to Florida and other Gulf states. Commanding a hull draft of only 4" with 1000 lbs. gross load that will take an additional 400 lbs. of load before sinking another inch. Pretty impressive, right?

Underway, Barefoot Boat's through-tunnel hull enables the engine to be raised to decrease motor draft. In Texas where they are common, these boats are frequently equipped with hydraulic lifters for the motor. The boats are usually taken several miles out into the Gulf where the fisherman either fishes from the boat, or dons waders and fishes on foot in the shallow water.


The tunnel reduces wetted surface for high speeds with economy, while adding directional stability and control at the same time. A minor vee forward knifes the water for a better ride. With plenty of power capability, you'll get to where the big ones are biting in short order.

Barefoot Boats Standard Features:
Forward Deck w/ anchor compartment
Tinted Wind Screen
Running & Anchor Lights
Alum. Handrail
4 Nylon Mooring Cleats
H Style Center Console
(2) 90 quart coolers w/ Custom Cushion Seats
19 gallon fuel system
6 Rod Holders
4 Bungee Cords w/ SS Fittings
NFB Teleflex Steering System





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